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Anti-corruption can not be achieved only with efforts of companies. Anti-corruption efforts in regions nationwide are needed intensively, because discretionary power and influence of local governments increase and root causes of corruption become more and more decentralized.

Fair Player Club will raise public awareness for anti-corruption nationwide, through public private partnership among metropolitan governments as well as local chambers of commerce & industry in Seoul, Busan, Kwangju, Daegu, Ulsan, Daejeon, and Incheon by reaching out companies in major cities to promote compliance and business ethics.

CI Organization Introduction

Seoul Metropolitan

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and has a history dating back over 2,000 years that the three kingdoms of Baekje, Goguryeo, and Joseon Danasty declared Seoul its capital. As the 1986 Asian Games, the 88 Seoul Olympic, and 2002 FIFA World Cup were held in Seoul, Seoul became a metropolis of the World. Seoul endeavors to become the world-class city in the aspect of culture, environment, welfare, and economy.

Metropolitan City

Busan was opened as a port in 1407, expanded, and reorganized as Busan Metropolitan City in 1995. Its five objectives are to become the marine capital in the era of Northeast Asia, the city of job opportunity leading the creative economy, the safe city to guarantee rights of citizens, and the city of cultural welfare enhancing the quality of life. Through these five objectives, Busan’s vision is to become the city thriving with talent, technology, and culture.

Busan Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

BCCI established a sisterhood relationship with 27 countries, 61 global chambers of commerce & industry, and economic organizations, to support overseas market development and foreign cooperation for companies in Busan. It also promotes comprehensive development of commerce and industry in Busan, speaks for rights and interests of Busan business community, and excutes various business activities for exchange and cooperation among its member companies.

Metropolitan City

Gwangju is the biggest city in Honam province of Republic of Korea. It was designated as the Gwangju city in 1949 and promoted as the 4th Metropolitan City following Busan, Daegu, and Incheon in 1986. It achieved a name of the export city, by accomplishing US $ 10 billion export volume in 2007. Gwangju has been recognized as the city of democracy, human rights, and peace. It has been endeavoring to become as the human rights city, designated by UN.

Gwangju Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Founded in 1936, GCCI has contributed to regional economic growth and development in Gwangju and Jeonnam province of Republic of Korea by providing differentiated services based on its accumulated experiences and knowledge to business community located in Gwangju. GCCI has been endeavoring to expand social overhead capital facilities, strive for corporate investment activities, and provide various membership services.


Metropolitan City

Daegu is the central city of Yeongnam province, providing a venue for some of the world’s largest cultural events such as the 2011 IAAF World Championships, 2013 World Energy Congress, and 2015 World Water Forum. Daegu is committed to ensure a new and brighter future by becoming a center of knowledge industry, green growth, education, and culture.

Daegue Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

DCCI is the federation of economic organizations located in Daegu during 100 years with its accumulated experiences and knowledge. DCCI speaks for rights and interests of business community in Daegu, by representing industry and commerce fields, creates a sound business environment by decreasing challenges in operating business, and provides differentiated membership services for growth and development of member companies.

Metropolitan City

Ulsan is one of top seven big cities in Republic of Korea, designated as the city by becoming as an exclusive industrial district in 1962, and became a metropolitan city in 1997. Ulsan has developed as the export city with more than US$ 100 billion export volume, by operating the largest industrial cluster of Republic of Korea with facilities of automobile, offshore & shipbuilding, and petrochemical industries.

Ulsan Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Founded in 1964, UCCI is the federation of economic organizations located in Ulsan for commerce, industry, regional growth, and economic development. UCCI promotes comprehensive improvement for development of national economy and balanced growth of Ulsan to make it as a regional prosperous society. Also, UCCI provides differentiated membership services for rights and interests of business community in Ulsan representing its industry and commerce fields.


Metropolitan City

Daejeon is the city of the central district of South Korea and has achieved splendid development in all aspects. Daedeok Innopolis, established in 1974, made Daejeon to become the core city of the science science and technology in South Korea. After 1998, when Government Complex Daejeon was opened, Daejeon became the important city of administration.

Daejeon Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Founded in 1932, Daejeon CCI has been established for development of national economy and regional society of Daejeon in Republic Korea. Daejeon CCI promotes rights and interests of its member companies pursuing its further development of commerce, industry, regional growth, and economic development. Also, Daejeon CCI has been endeavoring to create new businesses consistently in order to meet the demands of regional member companies.

Metropolitan City

Incheon is well known for the city with an international hub airport in Northeast Asia, the Incheon International Airport, as the largest airport in Republic of Korea. As  Republic of Korea's first Free Economic Zone was located in Incheon in 2003, it reputation has been more promoted. With additional inclusion of Songdo, Cheongna, and Yeongjong districts, it changes into a new level of an international city, connected with the rest of the world.

Incheon Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

ICCI has contributed the regional economic development through its various activities including policy analysis & proposal, survey, research, international trade, education, and information offering to its member companies. Also, ICCI shares the timely and useful information on the latest news of business and economy and carries out customized business services for improving competitiveness of its member companies.


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