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As the South Korean economy has achieved unprecedented growth, public pressures for anti-corruption, compliance and
business ethics have been increased. Anti-corruption, compliance and business ethics can strengthen corporate and national competitiveness and become basis of sound development of the market economy.

Recognition for anti-corruption has been existed from the past but increased more than ever recently. Relevant regulations and policies have made industry associations, business associations and companies realize importance of compliance and anti-corruption measures. However, these voices and actions in the business community in South Korea have been fragmented and have not connected properly with public sector’s policy endeavors.

Fair Player Club aims to create clean and fair market conditions in South Korea by creating the common public-private platform for anti-corruption to mobilize interests and commitment of all key market players in South Korea for clean and fair business.

In order to strengthen anti-corruption standards, to create awareness of business integrity and to consolidate commitment for Collective Action with business peers, Fair Player Club will build collaboration to make the public-private sector platform to promote anti-corruption dialogues for clean and fair business, capacity for compliance and business ethics, and consensus for Collective Action to combat corruption, as three objectives of Fair Player Club.

Fair Player Club
Objective Purpose

Objective 1 :
Collaboration Building

To develop the common platform for collective actions among companies as well as
public-private sectors under the umbrella of the same agenda to generate synergy
effects for anti-corruption

Objective 2 :
Capacity Building

To increase awareness and competence of companies for clean and fair
business practices with code of conducts, guidelines and cases as common languages

Objective 3 :
Consensus Building

To build up alliances for interaction with other market players and learning
from each other from various industry, region, and home origin companies


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